8 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Make Life Easier

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  • If you have a Virtual Assistant helping you, with your admin, for example researching suppliers/prices, typing up estimates, contacting customers to clinch the deal, ordering materials, typing invoices, taking phone calls, taking bookings, bookkeeping, maintaining your website and social media or any number of other useful tasks, you don’t need to be doing these things. That gives you more time to relax or earn money.
  • Does your paperwork take you ages? Our Virtual Assistants are experienced in all areas of admin so would not take as long as you! This means, the cost is likely to be less than you think. Sam’s Office Services fees at only £18 per hour.
  • Virtual Assistants love admin! That’s why we do it. You have your skills and this is ours. Keep the Aces in their Places and pass the paperwork! This will lower your stress levels and ensure tasks don’t keep being postponed!
  • A Virtual Assistant is there when you need them. We are happy to work outside of Monday to Friday 9 to 5 because not all businesses fit that box.
  • A Virtual Assistant is like having your own PA without the hassle of having employment costs. Maybe, you only need 1 or 2 hours help so outsourcing is the most cost effective option.
  • Virtual Assistants are available for one off projects or long term support. For example, if you just want help setting up your own office system or uploading your stock to your website.
  • Maybe you don’t have the office equipment for every task, or the know-how. Using a remote admin assistant will give you the expertise to get things done.
  • Like a traditional PA, a VA is there to support you, help with your workload and generally making your life easier; easing the pressures and stresses.

High Quality, Low Cost and High Value at only £18 per hour

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