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Stepping Stones to Better Business

Strong foundations

Building blocks

Team Building



Do you have all this in place?

It is not as scary, or corporate as it sounds. Even if you are a self employed sole trader, you can (and should) have this in place.

Sam’s Office Services can help you build your business back up.

We have vast experience in business development and for only £50 we would carry out a thorough review (virtually / remotely, at the moment) and provide you with a detailed report. We like to call it our “Thought Report”.

This will highlight areas that could be improved at very little cost, and sometimes no cost. There is no obligation to use us any further than getting your Thought Report. However, we have a bank of tradesmen and other professionals available to assist you if you wanted a complete package of improvements.

We also offer remote admin assistance if you want to outsource yours.

Using a Virtual Assistant can free up your time to focus on running your business. For only £13 per hour you can have the expertise of a highly experienced administrator and your very own virtual PA on hand to carry out tasks you don’t have time for.

Sam’s Office Services can take care of your general admin, customer services, bookkeeping and social media management.

Call or Text – 07722 766 227


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Running round in Circles?

Are you trying to do everything?

If you wish you had a go to right hand person to pick up tasks that could save you time and stress, you need a Virtual Assistant.

We can do all your general admin, provide customer service, manage your social media and other ad hoc jobs. All from £13 per hour.

Call or Text – 07722 766 227

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Do you want to get paid to write?

Just a short blog today but more to come on this topic later.

Using this website will pay you for your writing.

Any topic (within reason) and is a great way for newbies to start.

Build your reputation and add to your portfolio.

Call or Text – 07722 766 227

Email –

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Hard to find audio books made available

How often do you find a book you really want to read but you can’t find the audio version of it?

Maybe you have an old handwritten manuscript that you would like turned into an audio version. For example, my Grandpa hand wrote his life history and experiences. In time this will fade and although I have a typed copy, an audio is also nice to have.

It doesn’t have to be fiction, just whatever you want to hear, instead of read.

Audio books are great to listen to while in the bath, cooking or doing other chores, even whilst exercising.

They are especially a great comfort to those with impaired vision and would make a great gift.

How about a Father’s Day gift of Dad or Grandpa’s favourite book?

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Is your business blooming?

Is it time to outsource some tasks?

If you need a hand with admin, finding best suppliers or any other random tasks you just don’t have time for, get in touch. We can definitely lighten your workload.

From only £13 per hour, we are the Virtual Assistants you will wonder how you coped without!

One off projects or ongoing support available.

Call or Text – 07722 766 227

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Virtual Assistant, Business

Making today’s business stronger for tomorrow

If you are a sole trader and trying to do it all, you probably don’t have enough downtime, you may stress about the admin side of your business or you might just hate doing it!

Using a remote admin assistant will ease that pressure. From only £13 per hour, Sam’s Office Services can look after everything for you, leaving you to do what you started your business for.

Sharing the load will enable you to focus on building a stronger business comfortable in the knowledge that your admin is being taken care of to a high standard.

Let us run your office from ours. The Virtual Assistants you will wonder how you coped without.

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Virtual Assistant, Business

Pathway to Success

Having the right tools, skill set, support and guidance is vital to the success of your business, along with motivation and dedication.

Nothing is impossible but it all takes some hard work.

Shorten the pathway to success by using a remote admin assistant. We can take care of all your paperwork by email, calls or photos of your hand written notes. Whichever way works best to make your life easier.

From only £13 per hour

Open your business up to the world. We can help with marketing too.

Find the right pathway and the world is your oyster!

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